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Aerial Services

Licensed Aerial Videography, Photography & Land Surveying



PlayHouse Entertainment Inc. is one of Canada's leading Aerial Video Production providers. All our flights are SFOC certified by Transport Canada, carried out by professional airline and UAV pilots, and adhere to strict safety and compliance regulations. Our company holds ample liability insurance and ensures that our pilots have been trained to perform all operations efficiently and safely. Scroll Down to learn more about our aerial services. 

The process

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Permit Application & Site Inspection

All of our commercial flights are site inspected by our professional pilots and SFOC licensed by Transport Canada when required. The permit process generally takes between 4 - 8 weeks to be completed. Any aerial filming or photography captured using a drone or aircraft, within city limits, requires a SFOC permit from Transport Canada. There are a number of other regulations and guidelines that need to be followed for legal commercial aerial filming and photography. We're strict when it comes to following these rules outlined by Transport Canada, and we will not proceed with a commercial flight if a permit cannot be acquired for a specific location that requires it.

Airport Tower Notification

On the day of the aerial shoot the airport tower must be contacted and notified of our flight plans prior to flying, and again after the flight has taken place. This is to ensure that the airport tower is aware that we have a drone in the air and not to direct any air traffic in our flight path.

Licensed Flight by Professional Pilots and Ground Manager

All commercial aerial flights require a trained pilot and ground manager at the site of the flight at all times. Our pilots and ground managers have undergone extensive training for efficient and safe flight, but also generating captivating videos and photos, while adhering to strict guidelines for safe and legal aerial flights.

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our AeriAL work

Permit Appliction & Site Inspection


Aerial Videography - 90 Second Edited Video


Aerial Videography - Raw Footage (2 Flights, 20 Min Each)


Aerial Photography - 25 Photos


Aerial Photography - 10 Photos


Travel Fees

Varies on Location

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