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 - The DualPLAY Motion Controller Peripheral Officially Revealed! - 
Playhouse Entertainment Inc. is proud to present The DualPLAY Motion Controller Peripheral! 

Here's What They're Saying About PlayHouse Entertainment


  • The DualPLAY fixes main gameplay issues that currently hinder motion-controlled games by adding dual joystick controls for character and camera control.
  • Creates realistic and intuitive gameplay opportunities unlike anything played before.
  • Designed for Hardcore gamers who feel they have not been supported properly when it comes to motion-controlled games.
  • Because there has been a lack of motion-controlled games on PlayStation consoles despite the fact that there are currently over 15 million PS Move controllers sold.
  • Designed to be an immediate and inexpensive solution to a much-wanted feature.
  • Designed to be for those looking to get new use out of their previous investment of motion controls, and for those who have always been on the fence about them due to their lack of joystick controls.
  • Provides a unique and exceptional virtual reality experience!